Friday, January 26, 2018

okay fine i'm not going to stop writing about magic

In fact, I'm recommitting to it:

I've relaunched my Patreon.

It's no longer pay-per-article, it's pay-per-month. All my writing for the blog is free, and always will be, but it's with the support of Patreon donors (like you?!) that allow me to take the tine and energy to write it. Plus, sometimes research means having to open booster packs! Those cost money!


Gema R. Bastari said...

Great news, I've been a huge fan of your writing style. Please write about Khans because it was my first ever Magic block, I'll keep up the money :D

Unknown said...

does this mean u failed gds3?

KillGoldfish said...

I probably did, but I didn't know that at the time!

Unknown said...

well gds 3 results are out. did u make it?

Unknown said...

I'm pretty excited for new content, but getting disappointed the more times I check and see nothing new.

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