Thursday, July 26, 2012

my nomination of chris mascioli to the community cup

Nominations for the 2012 Magic Online Community Cup began today. I submitted the following as my nomination:

Magic Online name: chrism315

Chris Mascioli: world traveler, writer, blogger, and devoted Magic Online player. While I've met many friends through Magic, many of them see Magic as just another hobby; another aspect of themselves. To Chris, Magic is very near everything. His days are spent tirelessly working at improving his game, making new decks (which he plays on Magic Online), engaging the community on Twitter under his famous @dieplstks account, writing for GatheringMagic, or making new blog posts. This is the blog where he has served as a devoted watchdog for fairness and equity, exposing hucksters who are simultaneously in real-life events and playing in the Magic Online Championship Series. To Chris, any unfairness on the part of even well-known Magic Online players is unacceptable.

What sort of individuals do we want as our community representatives? People to whom the game is of utmost importance. Skilled players. People of outstanding moral character. People that stand by their friends, through good times and bad, never pushing them away. People that have proven capable of overcoming adversity. People that, without Magic, it's tough to even imagine what they would do.

Mr. Chris Mascioli is the finest embodiment of these characteristics, and the Magic community should be proud to have him represent them at the Community Cup.