Wednesday, October 4, 2017

retail music

I'm trying out Medium for non-Magic related writing, so I moved this essay there. It's a good one.


Pasteur said...

Recently, the corporate management for the retail chain I work for has decided to switch from shoddy karaoke-style covers to "real" playlists of music... which would be a small change for the positive, but they screwed up the speakers in the process, so depending on where you are in the store, you may hear the same song up to a second later from a speaker on your left as a speaker on your right, creating an auditory dissonance as incomprehensible as it is painful. I can't imagine what customers who idle in those aisles might think, but stocking any of those sections for hours on end makes you feel like your brain is bleeding by the end of your shift.

KillGoldfish said...

sneak in something super echo-heavy like my bloody valentine, it'll enhance the effect

Amarsir said...

I always notice the music. But if it's bad or overly repetitive, it is the employees I pity more than myself. That said, yes I have avoided getting food from places where I knew I'd be annoyed by the ambiance.

Wide variety in a broadly appealing genre at moderate volume. Nobody's favorite but least offensive.

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