Friday, April 20, 2012

the best ever edh deck in renton

The best ever EDH deck out of Renton
Used a couple of cards Paul had since he started
One was Dark Ritual, the other was Hex
And he played once a week at the card shop
The best ever EDH deck out of Renton
Never settled on a general
But the top three contenders
After hours of tests
Were Phage, and Haakon, and Grandmother Sengir
Mark believed in his heart he was headed
For Pro Tours and invitationals, deck techs and reports
So instead of his casual shop
He drove to drafts and PTQs across town
This is how that smaller shop lost players
That went there for nothing but fun games
And that is why Paul, when he went back there years later
Found no one there on a Friday
When you allow your friends to go on without you
Don’t expect them to stay or not change
The best ever EDH deck out of Renton
Will stay undisturbed in its pink deck box
Pass the turn
Pass the turn
Pass, pass…


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog (through the 89 cards art post of course). Had to comment on this old post. I knew what it was going to be a reference to before even clicking.... did not disappoint. Although it's much sadder than the MG song! Great blog in general, actual laughing from reading is fun and rare.

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